In between the rivers Maas and Waal lies one of the most beautiful municipalities of The Netherlands: Berg en Dal (English: Mountain and Valley). Berg en Dal is attractive due to its magnificent landscapes, rich cultural history and special viticulture. The height differences, where Berg en Dal derives its name from, provide stunning views. The combination of landscapes is what makes Berg en Dal extraordinary; hills and ‘polders’ can be found elsewhere in The Netherlands, but the combination of those are seldom encountered in one place.

Berg en Dal has a long tradition with tourism. Even in the 19th century visitors already came to this ‘un-Dutch’ landscape with its height differences and its variety between forests and ‘polder’. Traditionally, different interest groups focussing on protecting the landscape, nature and culture are well supported. In close connection to these three pillars, Berg and Dal wants to grow responsibly. Future generations should be able to enjoy this unique landscape with its rich cultural history. New initiatives are therefore measured against their desirability regarding sustainability, accessibility for the less abled, quality, and their place in the landscape. Many parts of our nature and landscape are protected, with limited possibilities for development. Also, much regulation is anchored in the Landscape Development Plan, Structure Vision, Policy Plan for Tourism, Policy Plan for Economic Development and the Energy Vision.

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