Being located in the spiritual heart of Romania, Bison Land is famous for the sixteen Orthodox monasteries, scattered in a forested landscape. An amazing wild fauna, including the great predators of Carpathians and the European bison, is present in the area. There are many historical places and museums representing attraction points. From the characteristics of the area, Bison Land will become a preferred tourist destination for practicing sustainable tourism based on the common valorization and protection of the local heritage (natural, cultural, spiritual) and on the uniform distribution of the tourist phenomenon, by promoting the indissoluble link between nature and spirituality. The area was certified as an Ecotourism Destination by the National Agency for Tourism, for the period of 2016-2019.

Bison Land’s main aim is to protect the area and to encourage the community to use proper products, services, and activities in order to preserve the nature in the area. At the same time, the destination is working on a common image and keeps in touch with other stakeholders  (such as companies, tourism businesses, craftsmen, photographs, authorities) in order to share the same ideas and to grow the destination according to the potential of the region.

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