The Dutch South-West Delta stands out for her wide, clean and sustainable coastal area. White sandy beaches, untouched dune areas, clean swimming water, historic villages and outstanding nature. The area has received platinum and certified Quality Coast Awards and you will find bue flags on the beaches and in the marinas divers can swim to their heart’s delight at the Grevelingen and Oosterschelde and spot the rich underwater wildlife.
The Dutch South-West Delta attracts lots of families, kiters, nature lovers, cyclists, hikers and lovers of watersport. Best of Nature bicycle track has been developed in 2019 which leads past dunes, beaches and natural areas.
The Dutch South-West Delta contains from North to South: Westvoorne and the islands of Goeree-Overflakke and Schouwen-Duivenland. These destinations are outstanding in sustainable development and innovation in their coastal areas. The destinations are striving to be completely self-sufficient in energy by 2040. The municipality has drawn more attention to sustainability practices resulting into a number of improvements, especially in nature information & education, in Green Policies, Communities and Tourism.

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