Fiskars Village, founded in 1649, was one of the first Finnish ironworks and forerunners of the industry. Today, Fiskars Village is a unique and versatile destination where design, art and handicraft meet nature, history and architecture. The region has attracted craftspeople and artistic-minded individuals for centuries, and today Fiskars Village is known as a centre of Finnish art and design. The exhibitions, galleries, and events started attracting increasing numbers of visitors, making Fiskars Village also a unique and lively tourism destination.

Fiskars Village has grown together with the local community and the visitors, while at the same time carefully protecting, conserving, and promoting its hundreds of years old cultural heritage. During the past decade, Fiskars has attracted culinary tourism with its annual Slow Food Festival. The village also has its own Fiskarsin Panimo brewery, Kuura cidery and Ägräs distillery, where carefully selected and rare local ingredients are used for making award winning beverages.

This destination participated in 2020 Sustainable Destination Awards by submitting a Good Practice Story. Keywords: cultural tourism, offer development, repurposing of spaces.