Kamaishi is a city of iron, fish and rugby on the southern coast of Iwate Prefecture located in Northern Honshu. Visitors can experience life by the ocean and mountains along the rugged Sanriku Coast.

In regard to the commitment to minimize the environmental impacts of transport, bus routes are present in the destination, aiming to the reduction of useless driving and exhaust gas. Furthermore, Kamaishi City was recognized as a sharing city by Sharing Economy Association, Japan and demonstration tests for car sharing and ride sharing are being held.

Kamaishi is a top destination for the usage of renewable energies and the reduction of solid waste. Regarding renewable energy, for example, a subsidy system is set for expenses to introduce new energy such as solar power generation apparatus and combustion equipment using biomass fuel to dwelling houses.

This destination participated in 2020 Sustainable Destination Award ITB Berlin by submitted good practice story and has 2nd place of the Best of Asia – Pacific.

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