North Island is an exclusive private island in the Seychelles, renowned for its exquisite natural beauty. An exceptional ecotourism destination where barefoot luxury, personalised service and a generous all-inclusive offering combine to give guests the ultimate private-island experience in perfect harmony with nature. In tandem with creating a world-class private island destination, North Island is committed to ensuring the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity. In one of the most ambitious island rehabilitation programmes ever undertaken by a private company and a handful of NGO partners, North Island’s Noah’s Ark Project has taken an entire island ecosystem that was degraded and overrun with invasive plant and animal species and aimed to restore it to its original natural abundance. Once a coconut plantation, the Island has since been transformed into a sanctuary for endangered species. Ongoing conservation is at the very heart of North Island’s philosophy. It honours environmental policies that enable it to realise its goal of offering the highest standards of hospitality against a backdrop of sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

North Island participated in the 2019 Global Green Destinations Days by submitting a Good Practice Story. Keywords: reintroducing endangered endemic species, conservation and ecotourism, rehabilitation plan.

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