Just a stone’s throw away from the Slovenia’s capital, you can find the vast green and dynamic Polhov Gradec Hills. The nature there is stunningly beautiful, and if you remove the green veil, you can also discover interesting tourist stories: from the heritage of a count to world-class cuisine. Nestling among the Polhov Gradec Hills, with Polhograjska Gora in the background, the town of Polhov Gradec lies at the junction of three valleys and at the foot of Stari grad – Kalvarija. People came to this area early. Archaeological finds, housed in The National Museum in Ljubljana and the local Polhov Gradec museum, testify to the existence of the Roman settlement Ad Nonum, a country villa of a rich Roman nobleman, a buried treasure. The most beautiful artifacts are a Celtic fibula, dating from the 4th or 3rd century BC, and a 1st century AD bronze askos jug. Housing a wedding hall and the local museum, the Polhov Gradec Mansion is the main attraction. Close to the mansion is the beekeeping center, selling Čebelarstvo Božnar honey and honey products. There are a number of well-kept homesteads in the Old Town. The 16th-century Oštetarjeva hiša used to belong to the castle keeper, the historic interior of Severjeva hiša features an open-fire indoor kitchen, or »black« kitchen, Facijeva hiša and Cigarova hiša have preserved an air of authenticity. At Dvor, between Dobrova and Polhov Gradec, stands a majestic Gothic church of St Peter, whose construction was initiated by the noblemen of Polhov Gradec in 1525. There you can visit the Gostilna Pri Pratkarju country inn, Pograjski dom and the Pri Mehačku and Pri Bitencu tourist farms.

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