Local Protected Landscape of Serras do Socorro e Archeira (PPLSSA) consists of 1,223 hectares, and is distributed over Freguesias do “Turcifal”, “Dois Portos e Runa” and “São Pedro, Santa Maria e Matacães” in the West region of Portugal. Its flora is highlighted by agricultural and forest mosaic and riparian structures along the waterlines, where orchids occur. Its fauna is displayed by the diversity of species of small mammals, butterflies, and birds. It is a place where nature, history, culture and landscape are elements of heritage value.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in one of the strategic areas of sustainability of the PPLSSA. This strategy pretends to generate responsibility between actors creating environmental and economic values. It intends a development that reconciles economic growth with lower consumption of natural and low carbon resources, development and innovation, providing an increase in the productive fabric and identifying economic opportunities.

This destination also participated in the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at ITB Berlin and was the 1st winner of the Best of Europe awards category along with other 7 Portuguese destinations.

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