Skyros has a variety of natural areas of special ecological importance placed under national and international protection. Those areas belong to the Network NATURA 2000, sites of exceptional natural beauty, and have wildlife shelters with many areas designated as important bird (IBAs) and CORINE area. Based on that, Skyros is a unique destination, almost an alternative one, close to Athens Area (only 3 hours away), offering an experience of nature and alternative activities.

The municipality of Skyros has planned a growth strategy for the island with tourism development as first priority. Multiple actions are planned and many of them are already implemented. All the actions are defined in the approved Business Plan of Municipality of Skyros. In the coming years, Skyros Island is going to become the most important location in the middle Aegean Sea/Sporades related with sustainable tourism and responsible tourism based on its biodiversity, nature, culture and gastronomy, offering a unique list of alternative activities like hiking, sailing, bird watching, food tasting, biking, horse riding and others.


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