Where the pre-Alpine foothills meet a secluded karst terrain, on the thickest layer of black gold and in embraced by forests, the youngest Slovenian green town was founded on the shoulders of hard workers. Not far from the town centre, you can find beautiful lakes that provide many opportunities for everyone to spend their time actively.

Velenje, with its more than 30,000 inhabitants, is the center of the Šalek Valley.  The modern town originated after WWII in the vicinity of the old town core under the Velenje Castle. The coalmine and the world famous factory Gorenje have not long been the only two points of distinction of Velenje. The town is not only modern on the outside, also its inhabitants are modern and give a unique pulse to the wonderful nature, and create conditions for a comfortable, creative and relaxed feeling. Not only for themselves but also for the numerous guests who they warmly welcome at every moment. Velenje is the town of opportunities for everyone. In this small piece of the world there is practically nothing which you could not do.  Would you like to fly with a micro-light? Would you like to ski or skate? Or maybe you prefer swimming in the healing waters? What about a good local lunch? Would you like to try your luck with fishing, hunting? How about visiting a museum or a gallery? You can experience all these and more in Velenje and its nearby surroundings – there is an opportunity for everyone!

Text: Darja Verbič (catalogue Velenje – the Šalek Valley)

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