Hoek van Holland (English: Corner of Holland) is known for its beautiful location. Enclosed between the rugged North Sea and the Nieuwe Waterweg, the entrance to the Rotterdam Harbor. In addition to the beach and impressive shipping, Hoek van Holland attracts many visitors because of the many cycling and hiking trails and the rich military and maritime history. Much of the military history lies in protected areas (Natura 2000). Foundations such as the Zuid Hollands Landschap are working on sustainable solutions to be able to tell that history while respecting nature. Accommodation accommodations such as Landal Green Parks are provided with a Green Key label and have a high priority for sustainability. To convince visitors of the importance of sustainability, in 2018 Hoek van Holland will start, among other things, separating waste on the beach. Hoek van Holland has for years proudly been awarded the Quality Coast Award, the Blue Flag and the Netherlands Clean quality mark.

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